1. Imam Shamsi Ali   . 27 Nov 2014 at 23:55 pm

    Thanksgiving or Thanks Giving simply means to be thankful and appreciative of the uncountable blessings God blesses us with. From perspective, being tankful is a very requirement of faith itself. Some scholars even in view that the meaning of "We did not create Jins and humans except to worship" is "to know", "to appreciate" in so doing "to humble one self to the Giver of the blessings through submission. Thankfulness leads to happiness, no doubt. A person who is thankful will acknowledge the life as blessing, hence will attain satisfaction at all levels of his/her life. Attainment of satisfaction in life, indeed, is the highest dream of each individual in this life. And that dream is commonly known "as-saadah" (happiness). So as you remember the day, be thankful. Only through thankfulness you will achieve happiness in life, both here and the next! I am thankful to Delta for the high speed internet connection in the sky...hehe!

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